What is e-learning?

E-learning courses are available in english as well!

About e-learning in general

  • modern, fast, comfortable and effective web based educational methodEduKresz
  • the curriculum consists of interactive animations, multimedia elements, situational practices which help you to achieve a successful exam
  • the system logs your progress through the curriculum, and after you complete the whole course, it will create a training certificate, which is necessery to apply to the theoretical exam
  • you don’t need paper based materials, because you can reach the whole curriculum through the internet
  • it’s getting more and more popular around the world


What do you need to use it?

You will need a computer, or notebook, internet connection, and a web browser to use the e-learning system. (You can reach the curriculum, through the browser of your mobile devices as well.) You don’t need to install any special programs on your system, or to have advanced computer skills. You simply reach the e-learning curriculum through your webbrowser.


The biggest advantage of e-learning is that you are the one, who decides when or where you want to study. You can use it anywhere and anytime, if there is a computer with internet connection near you, or even through your mobile phone. You can take a break if you get tired, and continue with your studies whenever it fits you.  Interactive animations, multimedia elements, situational practices help you to understand and learn the traffic rules.

After completing the curriculum you still have the opportunity to practice, and complete different tests, that are similar to those you will encounter on the exam.

Minimal hardware requirements
(PC, notebook)
  • Suggested minimal screen size: 13”
  • Minimal system requirements: XGA – 1024×768 resolution, Intel i3 processor or equal performance , 2GB RAM
  • Minimal browser requirement: Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome 58+, Firefox 53+
Mobile device
  • Suggested minimal screen size:  7”
  • Minimal system requirements: XGA – 1024×768 resolution, 1GHz Dual-Core performance, 1GB RAM, Android 5.0 +, MS Windows 10 mobile +, IOS 10 +
  • Minimal browser requirement: Internet Explorer Mobile 11+, Chrome 58+
*Important notice: in case of mobile devices the screen size is crucial for long time, and effective studying!

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