Category “B”

You have to be 16,5 years old to join this course.

English Driving course

We start our english driving courses in small groups, with a minimum of 2 applicants.

Education Cost Education fees total
Theory 60 450 Ft
Driving practice 150 000 Ft
First Aid 10 400 Ft
Education fees total 220 850 Ft
Theory exam 4 600 Ft
Driving practice exam 11 000 Ft
First Aid exam 7 900 Ft
Exam fees total 23 500 Ft
Education+Exam fee 244 350 Ft

E-learning is only available in hungarian.
Valid from the 1st of April 2018.
Driving School has the right to change fees.
The price of the driving practice contains the obligatory amount of lessons. Extra lessons are paid separately.
The prices listed above are free from VAT according to the 85.§ of the hungarian VAT law (ÁFA tv.)